<aside> đź“Ś The Draper Nation Manifesto is a document crafted to shape a digital nation founded on the principles of freedom, trust, prosperity, and progress, where every netizen enjoys equal rights, opportunities, and access.

This Manifesto is co-created by the community in the spirit of unity, open collaboration, and decentralized decision-making.


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In an age where technology connects us more than ever, and land-based governments become less and less relevant to ordinary people in an increasingly global and virtual world. Where better service at lower tax rates can be provided virtually for most government services and governments can utilize new technologies to better delight their constituents, we, the citizens of the Digital Nation, pledge to use these tools to foster freedom, trust, prosperity, and progress.

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We can’t have trust without freedom and we can’t have freedom without trust. Trust can be achieved through better identity products and services, and a clear no-tolerance way to eliminate people from the nation who would challenge that trust.

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Draper Nation is dedicated to bringing free and open services wherever possible to its netizens. Examples might be:

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